Layered Crab Dip

This recipe has been a family favorite for many years.  I know it originated years ago and I think it is time for a Layered Crab Dip revival.  My mom always made this as well as her friends, this was their signature go to appetizer.  I am sure the fact that it is quick, easy and delicious is the reason they all made this recipe.  All I can say, I made it this past weekend, served it with water crackers and it was fantastic.  This goes back to the old saying “Mothers are always right” I know mine was with this recipe!


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2 thoughts on “Layered Crab Dip

  1. Perfect recipe for the holidays, thank you for sharing!

  2. I have been craving crab lately, and I adore family favorite recipes! Can’t wait to try yours. Thanks for sharing.

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