Layered Crab Dip

This recipe has been a family favorite for many years.  I know it originated years ago and I think it is time for a Layered Crab Dip revival.  My mom always made this as well as her friends, this was their signature go to appetizer.  I am sure the fact that it is quick, easy […]

Cheddar Riesling Soup

Recently, I was working on a dinner party menu and wanted to serve soup for the first course.  Since the days are getting cooler, I wanted to serve the soup on our porch near our chimenea with a crackling fire burning.  I also decided to serve soft pretzels along with the soup.  This soup turned out delicious, […]

Harvest Bread

After a beautiful weekend exploring the Virginia countryside, I came home and decided it was time to pull out my mom’s recipe box and find a fall recipe.  This bread features fall’s best – pumpkin, walnuts, chocolate chips and topped with a spiced glaze.  I have to add, the aroma in your kitchen while it […]

Corn Soup

Fall is soup season and there is nothing better than a delicious bowl of soup.  This one is especially good for Mexican food lovers.  I know you can still find fresh corn at the markets however if you can’t, this soup is also delicious if you use frozen corn.  Easy to prepare and even better […]