Easy Egg Souffle

If you are ever looking for a quick egg recipe for breakfast or brunch, that does not require overnight preparation or separating eggs and beating egg whites, this recipe is for you.  Quick to prepare, made with ingredients you probably have on hand, and delicious served piping hot out of the oven.  As the souffle bakes, it […]

Triple Berry Sauce

You just never know what you will find when you go to the grocery store.  Today, I walked in and found the most beautiful blackberries, red raspberries, and blueberries.  Well, of course, how could I pass those by!  When I got home, I just looked at my impulse purchase and thought to myself, now what are […]

Apple Breakfast Bake

This Apple Breakfast Bake bakes to a puffed golden brown and then after being removed from the oven, shrinks to form a crispy crust and custard like filling.  Perfect with the baked apple layer and brown sugar crust.  This would be a great addition to any breakfast buffet.  You can double this recipe easily and […]

Mushroom Pate

This is one of my favorite make ahead appetizer recipes.  This recipe can be made in advance and refrigerated up to 10 days.   This vegetarian pate is delicious served with water crackers.  Perfect to serve during the holidays. Kitchen tip of the day – Ever wonder how to clean mushrooms? How to Clean Mushrooms: the […]

Almond Puffs

I cannot tell you how many times I have made this recipe.  This was one of my mother’s favorites recipes; I remember she always made these during the holidays.  It is perfect to serve for breakfast, brunch or even dessert.  This recipe has two components; the buttery crust and a custard puffed topping.  Hard to explain, but it […]

Sloppy Joes

During this hectic time of year, I am always one that loves a quick to fix lunch or dinner.  I remember growing up eating Sloppy Joes occasionally and I have to admit, I still love a great overstuffed, hard to eat, and kid friendly sandwich.  My preference is to serve these on crusty rolls with […]

Hot Cheese Puffs

My featured recipe in CEO Magazine for December is Hot Cheese Puffs – you can check out the recipe in this month’s issue of CEO Magazine ( I have pasted the link below); I have also posted the recipe below. . I can attribute my cooking skills and entertaining skills to my mother. She was an […]

Spicy Shrimp

If you love a  dish that packs some heat – you will love this Spicy Shrimp recipe. Marinate the shrimp one hour to up to twenty-four hours before serving.  Quick, easy and make ahead; my idea of a perfect recipe.  I like to serve this with hot crusty bread to sop of the spicy sauce.   If you like a […]