The Great Paper Plate Debate

My close friends know that I am very hesitant about using paper plates. It is very hard for me to consider using paper plates for many occasions. Even if it means staying up late into the night washing dishes (luckily my wonderful husband always does clean-up duty when we entertain), I have an aversion to paper plates. When I host our hot dog happy hour party, I use plastic hot dog baskets with wax paper liners and we are thrilled when the clean-up is so easy. Paper plates however are a different matter. Well, I might be turning the corner on using paper plates for certain occasions. We hosted a casual card playing night and I found these great paper plates at the local party store. This is going to be a slow change for me. Seeing the great looking paper products on the market today, I might be opening my horizons to something new when I entertain. Henry David Thoreau had a great quote “Things do not change; we change”, looks like that might be happening to this entertainer! (in moderation)
paper plate debate