Crispy Oatmeal

Looking for a new way to prepare oatmeal?  Why not make it the night before and then brown in the skillet in the morning.  You will have Crispy Oatmeal slices perfect to serve with maple syrup.  Just make the oatmeal the night before, pour into a loaf pan and chill.  Then in the morning all […]

Baked Apples

It is that time of year when every apple recipe I have starts to find it way to the top of the pile.  I think there is nothing better than a great apple pie, but many times you might not have the time to bake that wonderful pie.  If you are looking for a quick […]

Blackberry Cream Cheese Pie

If you have avoided making pies because you do not want to deal with making a pie crust, this recipe is for you.  The crust is an oatmeal crust that you pat into the pan.  Oatmeal crust, cream cheese layer and fresh berries, what a combination.  This recipe could be adapted to any berry, such […]