Chocolate Olive Oil Cupcakes

Recipe #5 – Spartan Olive Oil Challenge #EVOOChallenge This is a version of my mother’s favorite chocolate cake recipe.  These can be made quickly with ingredients in your pantry.  The addition of the olive oil makes these gems moist with dense chocolate flavor.  Oh…I might have forgotten to tell you, you mix them in one […]

Dill Feta Chicken on Couscous

Recipe #3 in the Spartan Oil #EVOOChallenge. I use olive oil exclusively when I saute vegetables or protein for any recipe.  One reason is olive oil is a monounsaturated fat, and is considered a good fatty acid (high density lipoproteins, HDLs) that protects against bad cholesterol, or low density lipoproteins (LDLs).  One other reason is the taste […]

The Challenge!

I was contacted by Spartan Oil and asked if I was interested in participating in the Spartan Oil #EVOOChallenge.  Next week, I’m collaborating with other food and healthy living bloggers on this challenge. Stay tuned next week for the creative recipes that have been cooked up.  My challenge is to post one recipe each day, […]