Chicken Breasts with Spinach and Mushrooms

This is the most elegant meal but also the perfect meal for a weeknight dinner.  The chicken is baked on a bed of spinach and mushrooms and topped with a lemon cream sauce with a touch of nutmeg.  Easy to prepare and absolutely divine.  This is a must try for those times when you need one […]

Tomatillo Chicken Bake

We usually go out to our local Mexican restaurant to cure our Mexican food cravings.  When I served this dish, we agreed this tasted like something we would have ordered from our favorite Mexican restaurant.  I had leftover chicken and wanted to prepare something using the corn tortillas I had in the refrigerator.  I have […]

Chicken Piccata

Looking for a quick to fix dinner?  Chicken Piccata is just the recipe, I dip my chicken breasts in beer prior to dusting with flour.  This combination gives a beer batter type crust that is fantastic.  If you plan on serving this with angel hair pasta, I would double the amount of dry sherry and […]

Bourbon Basted Chicken

I had the opportunity last week to stop along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. This trail consists of nine distilleries throughout the state of Kentucky sponsored by the Kentucky Distillers’ Association.  Our first stop on the Bourbon Trail was a visit to Maker’s Mark.  This distillery is literally in middle of rural Kentucky.  You drive and you […]

Summer Chicken or Cornell Chicken

Growing up in Western New York, there was only one  recipe that I remember having every summer.  That is this chicken recipe for grilled chicken also called Cornell Chicken.  After searching the internet I found the origin of this recipe.  This central New York specialty was invented by Dr. Robert Baker, a professor at New […]

Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

If you love Mexican cooking, you will love this recipe.  I always make extra to freeze for a later day.  Nothing better than having a busy week and having a wonderful meal ready to bake in the freezer.  I purchase chicken breasts with the bone and skin on and roast them for this recipe.  Simply salt […]

Tarragon Chicken

Tarragon is an herb with narrow pointed leaves and has a distinctive mild anise or licorice flavor.  It is best when paired with artichokes, bĂ©arnaise sauce, carrots, chicken, eggs, lobster, mushrooms and onions.  This recipe highlights the flavor of tarragon adding a wonderful flavor combination to this dish.  The chicken is easy to prepare and the results are an exciting […]

Layered Vegetables with Chicken

I have had this recipe for years and evidently haven’t made it in a very long time, since my husband could not remember the last time I made this dish.  This is a recipe that I received from a co-worker and I have had since my time living in Northern Michigan.  What I remember from […]