Jelly Roll

This recipe brings back memories when I was growing up.  Having a Jelly Roll was a holiday staple and I remember my mom rolling the thin cake in a sugar covered towel.  I think kitchen memories are some of the best you can have.  No doubt, whatever kitchen memory you have growing up was a labor of love.   I think the popularity of the basic Jelly Roll has diminished over time; I think it is one of the best desserts you can serve.  It is not too sweet,  easy to prepare and always looks beautiful with every slice.  I like to use red currant jelly, my mom always used red raspberry jam, the choice is yours…..the resutls will be delicious!


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One thought on “Jelly Roll

  1. I’ve never attempted a jelly roll before. After looking at this beauty, I’m tempted to give it a try! Step-by-step pictures would be helpful but I think that I’ve got the idea. I’ve definitely learned to read through directions before starting a recipe 😉 Oh, the lessons I’ve learned!

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