Interesting Find – The Pit Stop Bar-B-Que

I always love it when I come across an Interesting Find in the most unexpected places.  Driving through Virginia horse county admiring the beautiful countryside we happened to come across The Pit Stop Bar-B-Que set-up in a parking lot at the intersection of Route 50 and Highway 15 in Aldie, VA.  What immediately peaked my interest was the long line that was queued up for BBQ.  You just know you have found a gem when everyone is waiting in line at this one stand.  Under four tents, with three large smokers, I met Ron Thomas the owner and leader of this wonderful BBQ stop.  We ordered their Chopped Pork Sandwich topped with coleslaw.  I will tell you this was no ordinary sandwich.  I should have known when they put forks in our bags to expect something special.  The sandwich was just overflowing with the most delicious pork and coleslaw.   There was no way you could pick this sandwich up, it was so delicious I savored every bite.  Ron also had me try his mom’s kale recipe with pineapple juice, outstanding!  This BBQ roadside icon is definitely worth the drive.  

The incredible long line….well worth the wait

Their menu….short, sweet and delicious

With the pitmaster, Ron Thomas