Interesting Find – Millie’s Diner, Richmond, VA

When traveling, I always seek new and interesting places in towns where we travel.  I just love the convenience of searching on my phone for those just perfect places to try.  While traveling this past weekend to Richmond, VA, I began my search for that perfect breakfast restaurant in Richmond for Sunday morning.  After a quick search, I immediately knew the restaurant to try – Millie’s Diner.  I was fascinated with the reviews I read and we headed to search for my next Interesting Find.  With the help of our GPS, we quickly found Millie’s.  As we approached, I knew we had found Millie’s when I saw a line out the door and customers gathered near the entrance on a brisk morning.   Our experience started the minute we entered the building.  Using only yellow sticky notes to track customers, we were immediately greeted by owner Paul Keevil and surprised when he asked what we were drinking and we immediately were sent to the end of the bar for a hot cup of coffee while waiting for our table.  To our delight, we were seated at the bar which was the epicenter of the all of the action.  In a small front kitchen, this restaurant produces amazing food with great service.  Every dish they prepared looked outstanding and I was sitting at the end of the counter just where the plates were placed ready to go to the tables.  I wanted to take my fork and try each one! Their savory brunch dishes are well worth the wait and definitely a place to visit if you are ever in the Richmond area. Check out their dinner menu, it too looks like a must try.  It is on my list the next time I am in the Richmond area.


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  1. What a cute diner!!!

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