Crazy Summer Squash

When I first saw spiral cut vegetables I was certainly intrigued.  Friends were purchasing them and stores were selling spiral vegetables slicers and spiral sliced vegetables- so, what to do?  Try them.  I am a fan and I think the more interesting ways you can cook and serve vegetables the better.  I took our favorite pasta recipe and instead of pasta, substituted summer squash.  I think it is delicious and fun to eat.  If you haven’t tried spiral cut vegetables, now is the time!

crazy summer squash

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Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Pine Nuts

When was the last time you served Brussels Sprouts ?  If you have not tried brussel sprouts lately, now is the time to give them a try.  My husband remembers boiled brussel spouts as a child and I must say he was not too eager to try these.  Happy to say he is now a brussel sprout fan after I starting making brussels sprouts this way.  I think you will agree that these are too good not to try!

Roasted Brussel Sprouts


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Tuscan Style Beans

These are the perfect accompaniment to grilled meats or grilled Italian sausages.  I use dried beans that I soak overnight.  I think it is this one small step that sets these apart from using canned beans.  This recipe includes prosciutto, fresh herbs and tomatoes.  Truly a wonderful combination.

tuscan style beans

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Baked Onions

Looking for that unique vegetable dish to serve?   Try delicious baked onions.  Onions become oh so sweet and caramelized when baked and they are the perfect accompaniment to grilled meats or fish. 

baked onions

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Cauliflower Casserole

My typical method for cooking all vegetables is drizzling them with a little olive oil, adding salt and pepper and roasting them in the oven.  However, I have a few recipes that are just too good not to share.  I thought I would share this recipe since it would be perfect to serve during the holidays.  Even non-cauliflower loving guests will love this dish.  Who doesn’t love a creamy, gooey vegetable dish with hints of bacon.  It almost tastes like a wonderful macaroni and cheese recipe with cauliflower.  I think you will agree it is delicious!

Cauliflower Casserole

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Zucchini Flan

Looks like everyone’s zucchini crop is peeking and you can find an abundance in every market and at every farmer’s market.  I typically roast zucchini for a quick and easy vegetable side dish.  However, I thought I would try something different.  This flan features zucchini in a wonderful custard.  Perfect with any grilled meat and very easy to prepare.  Plan on letting the flan sit for fifteen minutes prior to serving.  This enables the flan to firm up prior to cutting. 

zucchini flan

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Tomato Compote

One more tomato recipe to add your favorites.  This week at the Farmer’s Market I purchased an assorted box of heirloom tomatoes, various sizes and colors.  With a steak ready to be grilled, I wanted to create something with these beautiful tomatoes to complement our grilled steak.  I simply sliced the tomatoes, drizzled them with olive oil, added salt and pepper, fresh basil leaves and baked them for thirty minutes at 350 degrees.  Simply delicious!

compote - tomatoes

tomato compote

Quick Pickles

If you have a garden or frequent the farmers market, this is the time of year that there is an abundance of cucumbers. Here is a recipe for quick pickles that can be prepared and then frozen for up to 6 months. Just think of how great it would to have a taste of summer during the winter months. Besides serving these as a condiment, try topping a pulled brisket taco with these pickles. The crunch of the pickle and onions and their sweet tang will set your tacos apart from all others! My favorite onion to use in this recipe are Vidalia onions from Georgia, they have just the perfect sweetness and texture.

quick pickles

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Spaghetti Squash with Mushroom Ragu

I picked up a spaghetti squash when at the farmers market this week.  I typically serve spaghetti squash with a marinara sauce.  This time I wanted to try a mushroom ragu with the squash.  We had some friends over for what I like to call a “blogger dinner”.  That means that they are my taste testers and you never know what is going to be on the menu.  Many times it is an assortment of dishes that I call “Blogger Tapas”.  The one rule is to be perfectly honest what you think of each dish and how can I improve each one.  One of our guests said he thought that a topping of grated parmesan cheese would be great with this dish.  I brought out some parmesan cheese and he was so right.  Topped with grated parmesan was all this dish needed to go from good to outstanding.  Always fun to get the imput of others. That is what makes this food blogging so much fun.  I think you all know that this is my passion and I just love sharing my recipes.

 spaghetti squash

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Stuffed Zucchini

Summer and the abundance of fresh produce, especially zucchini is on the horizon.  What to do with all of those zucchini?   Stuffed Zucchini is a great way to serve this harvest special.  Stuffed with onions and tomatoes is the perfect side dish.  You can also add cooked ground beef or Italian sausage and make this a wonderful main dish.  Lots of options for lots of zucchini!   Enjoy.

 stuffed zucchini


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