Candied Oranges

Sometimes I think my kitchen is more of a chemistry lab than a kitchen.  I love candied oranges, however, they are definitely pricey when you see them and not readily available.  So, I thought I would try my hand at making candied oranges.  They are the perfect accompaniment to a cheese tray, great to chop and mix in muffins or quick breads, an interesting addition or garnish for cocktails, delicious served with whipped cream mixed with brandy, serve sliced with an after dinner cordial and my latest concoction – chop two candied oranges and mix into one-half gallon of vanilla ice cream and top with chocolate sauce.  Below I have highlighted another fantastic Virginia food find I came across Willie Byrd Chocolate Sauce , I heated and topped my candied orange ice cream with this and all I can say is…  unbelievably delicious!

candied oranges

candied orange ice cream  


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Rise and Shine Smoothies

Such a delicious way to start your morning.  This Rise and Shine Smoothie will definitely wake up your taste buds on a beautiful morning.  I made this with fresh squeezed orange juice and ‘no sugar’ added cranberry juice.  A great healthy start to your day – Enjoy!

Rise and Shine Smoothies

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Earl Grey Cranberry Iced Tea

With the arrival of spring, I thought it was time for iced tea.  Nothing like a warm day to bring out the cool refreshing drinks.  I put together a combination that I think will definitely quench your thirst. 

Earl Grey Cranberry Iced Tea


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Apricot Champagne Cocktail

Anyone that knows me well, knows that my favorite cocktail is a gin and tonic and my wine choice is usually a full bodied red.  However, there are times when a terrific cocktail comes along and I just have to try it.   Valentine’s Day is this weekend and what better day to try a new cocktail.  Pop the bubbly and celebrate with those you love.

champagne cocktail

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Hot Chocolate Rum Float

What better way to warm up on these cold January nights than to have a wonderful mug of hot chocolate spiked with rum and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  On that beginning of year shape-up plan?  Use fat free milk and just eliminate the ice cream, you will not be disappointed.  Enjoy this steaming cup of deliciousness while you dream about that spring trip to a warm climate.

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