Interesting Find – Fresh Batch Jams/Pineapple Dipping Sauce Recipe

After just returning from Hawaii and then visiting the Virginia Food and Beverage Expo, I am sure you will know why I was so thrilled to find Aloha Jam.  How great that the name of a jam would bring immediate memories of Hawaii and even better, the delicious taste of pineapples.  Fresh Batch Jams was gracious in giving me a jar of their jam after I explained I love to create recipes using interesting food finds.  Well friends, this time I think I have hit a home run with my pineapple dipping sauce. Quick, easy and oh so delicious.  I started with Aloha Jam (Fresh Batch Jam’s pineapple jam named Aloha Jam) and added a few ingredients to make this marvelous dip/sauce.  I served this sauce with grilled pork tenderloin and it was sensational.  I think it would also be fantastic with egg rolls, chicken strips, spooned over warm brie, served on a cheese board or slathered on a ham sandwich.  I call this a great food find!


Pineapples growing at the Dole Plantation on Oahu

Pineapple Dipping Sauce

Pineapple Dipping Sauce
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  1. 1/4 cup pineapple jam
  2. 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
  3. 1/4 cup sour cream
  4. Pinch of salt
  1. Mix all together, refrigerate until serving.
A Passion for Entertaining

Interesting Finds – Virginia Food Finds

I had the pleasure of attending the 2016 Virginia Food and Beverage Expo in Richmond, VA.  Along with my friend Pat, we tasted our way through rows and rows of delicious food and tasty beverages. All of the foods are from Virginia.  How could I not be inspired?  From bee keepers and their delicious honey, fresh oysters farmed off the Virginia coast, family recipes from jam to shortbread, seasonings created by a chef and butcher, delicious cake combinations featured in jars, salsas and hot sauces (some of the best I have tasted), vinegar varieties made from Virginia wines, to visiting my favorites such as Spartan Olive Oil, The Essential Table, Rappahannock Oysters, and Catoctin Creek Distillery.  I must say it was a fantastic day in my food world.  Below are a few photos from the day.  My fun now begins, I came home with samples of some of my favorites from the show and can’t wait to create and feature recipes using foods from these creative food manufacturers.  More highlights to follow – with new recipes and food stories in the coming weeks.

va oysters

Enjoying a fresh VA oyster with Mike Hutt, Virginia Seafood

cake love 

Here I am with Warren Brown of CakeLove, famous for his cupcakes, now creating delicious jarred cakes. 

 salsa earl

Best Smokey Bacon Salsa ever, with Ernie Dettbarn, of Ernies Epic Food

Hudson Sauce

A great time tasting Hudson Sauce with Jhaleel Hudson.  Can’t wait to cook with his sauce.






A Food Lover’s Life List

I just love to spend time in book stores wandering the aisles, checking out interesting reads, magazines, and I always check out the cookbook section.  Well, I found one book that I just couldn’t pass by, 1,000 Foods to Eat Before You Die.   This book is written by Mimi Sheraton—award-winning cookbook author, grande dame of food journalism, and former restaurant critic for The New York Times. This book is part cookbook, travel guide, and food excursions. It is divided by regional cuisine around the world – ever wonder what to eat and where to find regional specialities around the world?  This book has the answer.  If you are planning a trip, I would definitely add this book to your list of reads before traveling. From MoonPies to Southern Fried Chicken in the U.S to Bang Mi in Vietnam, Insalata di Frutti de Mare in Italy, you can find so many intriguing and interesting dishes.  She has even added recipes to try.  This is one book that transports you through food around the world.  I found this a great read and one that I will frequently reference. I call that a great find!

food to eat

Interesting Find – Red Truck Bakery, Marshall, VA

My first post regarding award winning Red Truck Bakery was last year when I visited their Warrenton, VA bakery during December. Today, I visited their new and expanded bakery in Marshall, VA. In my opinion this is a must stop when visiting Virginia’s Hunt Country. My first impression was what a great vibe this place has with farm tables, stools, and the most magnificent display of baked goods you could find anywhere. Being the fall season, it is just brimming with pumpkins, fall décor, pumpkin pies ready to buy and even a butternut squash quiche. All in a historic building painted red on Main Street. How more iconic can you get! This is one place you will not want to miss. If stopping for coffee and a breakfast treat, lunch or any time of day treat, this is food stop that is well worth the visit. You will not regret stopping here in Marshall, VA. I am already planning when I want to return over the holidays. Marshall is only a ten mile drive from Middleburg,VA a perfect combination for a perfect fall day. Check out their website.  Enjoy!

red truck 10-15

red truck 2

red truck 3red truck 4red truck 5

Interesting Find – Millie’s Diner, Richmond, VA

When traveling, I always seek new and interesting places in towns where we travel.  I just love the convenience of searching on my phone for those just perfect places to try.  While traveling this past weekend to Richmond, VA, I began my search for that perfect breakfast restaurant in Richmond for Sunday morning.  After a quick search, I immediately knew the restaurant to try – Millie’s Diner.  I was fascinated with the reviews I read and we headed to search for my next Interesting Find.  With the help of our GPS, we quickly found Millie’s.  As we approached, I knew we had found Millie’s when I saw a line out the door and customers gathered near the entrance on a brisk morning.   Our experience started the minute we entered the building.  Using only yellow sticky notes to track customers, we were immediately greeted by owner Paul Keevil and surprised when he asked what we were drinking and we immediately were sent to the end of the bar for a hot cup of coffee while waiting for our table.  To our delight, we were seated at the bar which was the epicenter of the all of the action.  In a small front kitchen, this restaurant produces amazing food with great service.  Every dish they prepared looked outstanding and I was sitting at the end of the counter just where the plates were placed ready to go to the tables.  I wanted to take my fork and try each one! Their savory brunch dishes are well worth the wait and definitely a place to visit if you are ever in the Richmond area. Check out their dinner menu, it too looks like a must try.  It is on my list the next time I am in the Richmond area.


p and c at millies cooks at millies

millies food

Interesting Find – Rappahannock Oyster Company, Topping, VA

I am always looking for new food ventures and tracking food trends.  Since everywhere you turn, oysters are playing a starring role, I wanted to check out the oyster world.  I have to admit my knowledge was very limited.  All of that changed after my visit to Rappahannock Oyster Company in Topping, VA.  After driving through abundant farm land with brief glimpses of the water we finally approached our destination.  You can’t blink when you get near your next turn on to Lockies Road or you will cruise right past your turn, make a note since that is exactly what I did.  What appears to be a neighborhood street dead-ends into the most beautiful point on the Chesapeake Bay.  With almost a 360 degree view, you have to pinch yourself and wish you had this view to look at each and every day. After taking in the amazing surroundings, I met Anthony Marchetti, Rappannock Chief Operating Officer, who gave me the most incredible look into the world of oyster farming.  I had a very hands on tour from the early stages of an oyster larvae to the dynamics involved in farming oysters and eventually landing on the table of oyster lovers. 

After the incredible tour, we were certainly ready to start tasting oysters.  On site, they have their Merrior Tasting Room, the oyster equivalent of a Napa wine tasting room.  This structure has evolved over the years from a one room office to the most beautiful venue on the water to enjoy spectacular views and fantastic food.  During our tour, we met Pete Woods their resident chef.  After meeting him, he asked what we were interested in having.  I said, anything you would like us to try.  What a taste treat we had.  Our food adventure started with a selection of their oysters.  Rappahannock River Oysters (sweet), Older Salt Oysters (briny), and Stingrays (mild).  I love oysters, but these were hands down the best oysters I have ever had.  I am sure having oysters that have been out of the water less than 24 hours is one reason these were so sensational.  The oysters were followed by two of Pete’s signature dishes, Crab Cake on grilled bread topped with Créole remoulade and “Stuffin Muffin”, oyster stuffing, Edwards’ bacon and peppercorn cream sauce.  The ‘Stuffin Muffin” is his creation from his childhood memories of this mothers after Thanksgiving meals where she would take her leftover oyster stuffing and top it with cream gravy. I can see why it is so popular – just amazing.  We just couldn’t leave until we finished with their S’mores donut.  A thin slice of cake donut topped with ganache and marshmallow.  We washed all of this down with Procesco (on tap) and Tangerine Wheat beer. 

I cannot think of a better way than to spend an afternoon.  If you are anywhere on the East Coast and the 95 corridor, this is one side trip that is definitely worth the trip.  I am already planning my second visit!.

oysters with anthony

On the oyster dock with Anthony Marchetti, Rappahannock Oyster Company, COO

floating bins oysters

Stages of oysters floating in the Chesapeake

eli and patrick oysters

Some of the farm crew, Eli Nichols, Nursery Manager and Patrick Oliver, Chief Farm Officer

untitled (10)

The final product – delicious!






Interesting Find – Corndance Tavern, Mishawaka, Indiana

How many times have you taken a road trip to find yourself in the middle of a town that you know nothing about?  Well, it happened to us on a recent road trip and being the foodie I am, I am always looking for a great place to eat.  When checking into our hotel, they graciously gave us a list of local restaurants.  After checking this list carefully, it looked to me to be a list that the hotel used to advertise various local restaurants, many of them large local chain restaurants.  When we are visiting a new town, the last place I want to go is to a large chain restaurant.  As a matter of fact, I don’t frequent large chain restaurants in our own home town.  There are so many more interesting restaurants to find, I avoid those large chains at all costs.

So, back to my restaurant searching.  First stop on the internet, Trip Advisor. This at least gives me a starting point in my search.  Next search, best local restaurants.  After a few searches, I happened to find Midwest Magazines list of best restaurants.  There I found Corndance Tavern in the South Bend area.  Hands down one the best restaurants I have visited in a very long time.  Farm to table and a very creative menu.  Our server, Herman Fritz, was extremely knowledgeable and shared detailed descriptions of the menu which I really appreciated.  Did I also mention they have a wonderful wine cellar. Definitely worth a try if you are in the South Bend area. 

corndance 1

Below are a few of the excellent dishes we tried.


Merguez Sausage Flatbread with baba ghanoush spread, crumbled merguez sausage, roasted patty pan squash, charred cherry tomatoes, feta, topped with cucumber salad.


Bison meatloaf, spinach, fontinella cheese, toast points, bourbon shallot demi-glace, grilled caeser salad, crispy shoestring tobacco onions




Interesting Find – The St. Regis, Washington DC

I had the pleasure of meeting Lance Mion, food and beverage manager for The St. Regis in Washington DC. I had arranged a wine tasting for an upcoming event, we tasted some fantastic wines and learned about the food, menus and food service offers at the DC location. This is definitely a restaurant were I am planning on going in the near future, their dinner menu looks terrific. Lance is a trained chef with many years in the culinary world and now is at the helm of the food and beverage department at this glorious and stately hotel. During our wine tasting we also tried some of their appetizers from their signature restaurant Decanter; everything was just sensational.   The ambiance is beautiful, the food delicious and this Washington DC location is perfect.  If you are in the area and looking for a special place to dine, I highly recommend stopping in.     Remember too, that The St. Regis is known for their Bloody Mary’s, defiantly worth a try.  Below are a few photos I took during our visit.


 St Regis 1

Wine tasting in their bar!   What a great way to spend an afternoon.


St Regis 2


Panko breaded Maryland crab cake  Homemade cabbage and apple slaw, yuzu pepper aioli

 Sesame crusted yellow fin tuna carpaccio.  Bed of finely sliced fennel & arugula, soy mustard dressing 

Mediterranean trio. Hummus, tapenade & artichokes, garlic oil toasted pita bread








Interesting Find – Southern Season, Richmond, VA

I was recently invited to Southern Season in Richmond, VA to view their new store.  I previously had visited their Chapel Hill, NC store and was excited to see their newest venture.  My day long experience was a great food adventure.  I was greated by Aaron Brooks, General Manager and the leadership team from the store.  The first stop was a gourmet experience.  We were treated to some of their newest and interesting dishes to try from their restaurant.  From roasted beets with a curried banana foam and elderflower goat cheese, grilled chicken with grilled freese(curly endive) and beet purée, and pork tenderloin with a potato shell, wild mushroom ragu and candied carrots, the food adventure began.  Every bite was a taste experience and one I will not forget soon.  After our tasting, the store tour began.  One thing I learned is Southern Season features small food producers and highlights many local and regional products.  Many of their cheeses are from local farms that produce seasonal cheeses when the dairy cows are grass fed.  Dany Schutte, Southern Season, corporate cheese buyer, was a wealth of knowledge and I learned an enormous amount about various cheeses and brines used in cheese making during her presentation. Then we were off to one of my favorite areas, wine and beer.  Sergio Pinzon, resident wine and beer manager, described how they are closer to a private wine boutique than a large store wine department and you can special-order anything.  Needless to say, I left with a few new bottles of wine and a new friend in the wine industry.  We then headed to the endless shelves of gourmet products, cooking supplies and did I mention the largest assortment of Jelly Belly jelly beans I have ever seen.  One thing not to be missed is their Cooking School, they have classes available for almost any cooking adventure. They did mention that Biscuits 101 is one of their most popular classes. I too think this class looks very interesting -check out this menu featured for this class -Biscuits, Sausage Gravy, Creamy Girls and Plum Rum Jam – sounds like a winner to me!  A few more areas not to miss is their coffee bar that features an oversized Yama cold drip coffee maker and their coffee creations menu, and an all inclusive cookware and gift section.  I am always interested in the newest and greatest in the food industry and Southern Season is hitting the mark in all areas.  Definitely worth a trip.  Check out their website for more store information.


ss with aaron

Here I am with Dany Schutte, Cheese Buyer and Aaron Brooks, General Manager


 ss chickenss porkss pastries.                                     Delicious food samples

ss cooking school

Southern Season Cooking School



Interesting Find – Wausome Wafers

I always love to find new gourmet food products.  Every time I travel or attend food festivals, I am always on the look-out for the next new and greatest food item.  I didn’t have to go far to find one of my favorite new products.  Having a connection to Wisconsin, I found the most fantastic cheese crisps.  These crisps have one ingredient – Wisconsin cheese.  They are gluten free, crispy and delicious.  I always add them to my appetizer trays and they pair well with so many items.  Sliced apples and other fruits, honey, sliced meats and even dipped in chocolate.  Perfect with a glass of wine, mug of cold beer or a refreshing glass of lemonade.  Check out their website – it is a great read and very informative.  I definitely suggest you try these outstanding cheese crisps!

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