Butterflied Grilled Shrimp

When you grill shrimp, leaving the shell on keeps the flavor of the shrimp and does not dry it out.  I purchased large shell-on shrimp, cut the shell, deveined and butterflied the shrimp. Then I quickly marinated them in a white wine sauce, grilled them over medium high heat  and served them with cocktail sauce […]

Fettuccine with Creamy Crab Basil Sauce

The weather was absolutely beautiful this weekend and when searching the seafood section of the market I came across fresh crabmeat and knew that was what we were having for dinner.  Into my recipe box I went and found this recipe that I have not made in years.  It was as delicious as I remembered. […]

Mom’s Rice Pudding

I think everyone has a few recipes that remind them of when they were growing up and the comforts of home and mom’s (or dad’s) cooking.  To me, there are a few favorite recipes, but one recipe that I remember so well is my Mom’s Rice Pudding.  This to me is comfort food.  I distinctly […]