Crusty Pepperoni Bread

Most quick bread recipes you see are for sweet breads, this is a savory quick bread.  Another recipe gem from a family friend.  Perfect to serve along side a bowl of soup, as an appetizer (slice thin and add to any cheese tray), or dipped in your favorite marinara sauce.  Quick, easy and exceptionally good.

Bacon Pops

What I thought would be a great addition to brunch turned out to be so successful I would add this to any breakfast, brunch or tailgate.  I always knew cooking bacon in the oven when preparing large quantities was easy.  However,  this time I  wanted bacon to be finger food and decided to thread the […]

Last Minute Broiled Shrimp

I am sure my schedule recently mirrors your schedule.  Getting back to a routine after the holidays, packing away all of the holiday decor, and trying to stay on a normal healthy eating schedule all seems to be a worthy goal.  Well, after a long week working and avoiding the grocery store, it was time […]