Ten Minute Appetizer Tray

If you are like me, during this time of the year, it seems like each day brings a new and interesting kitchen challenge.  This time, I needed an appetizer and I needed it fast.  After leafing through my recipes, nothing really inspired me and time was running short.  Well, one quick trip to the store […]

Jelly Roll

This recipe brings back memories when I was growing up.  Having a Jelly Roll was a holiday staple and I remember my mom rolling the thin cake in a sugar covered towel.  I think kitchen memories are some of the best you can have.  No doubt, whatever kitchen memory you have growing up was a […]

Slow Cooker Chili

With all of the holiday activity going on, who has time to make dinner?  My secret weapon this time of year is my slow cooker. Fix it, forget it, and come home to the wonderful aromas of dinner without all of the last minute preparation.  This recipe I have been making for years, when our […]