Buttermilk Shortcakes with Celestial Strawberries

 I think Strawberry Shortcake screams spring and warm weather. You can probably tell I am ready for sunny beautiful days!  I played with a few of my recipes and combined the best from a few and came up with this combination.   I adjusted my basic biscuit recipe and substituted buttermilk for milk and added two tablespoons of […]

Pasta Frittata

This is a delicious way to use leftover pasta combined any sort of meats or vegetables.  I even love to make this even when I do not have leftover pasta, I cook the pasta and this time I added fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach and Italian sausage.  The combination of pasta, cheese, vegetables and meat all cooked until it is enveloped […]

Ginger Snaps

I am not sure what is better – the taste of these cookies or the aroma in your kitchen while these are baking. Both are divine. Ginger Snaps are one of my favorite cookies. Perfect anytime of day, delicious with coffee or milk. Brings back memories every time I bake these of growing up and […]

Asian Inspired Baby Back Ribs

I have my basic BBQ rib recipe that I always use when preparing ribs.  This time, I wanted to serve ribs along with an Asian soup and wanted the ribs to complement the soup.  After a few trials, I think this recipe is perfect.  I seasoned the ribs with salt, pepper, and five spice powder.  […]

Orange Mousse

One of my favorite flavors to serve for dessert is citrus.  I think the light sparkling taste of lemon, orange and lime are perfect to wake up your pallet after any meal.  They also pair perfectly with a sparkling wine.  Orange mousse and champagne – that is worth a toast!

Salmon Primavera

Time to turn our thoughts to spring. Primavera refers to a pasta dish make with spring vegetables.  This recipe also includes poached salmon.  A great combination that will remind us that spring is around the corner.  

Berry Scones

I remember years ago the small bakery in England where we had scones during afternoon tea.  After that day, I became a huge fan of scones.  I had some fresh blueberries in the refrigerator, dried cranberries and cherries in the pantry.  A cool winter afternoon and I thought what a great day for scones.  My […]

Orange Date Crumble Cake

Put the coffee pot on!  This cake is just perfect to serve for breakfast or brunch.  The brown sugar crumble tops a moist orange cake studded with dates.  Just too good to pass up.  Time to sit, relax and enjoy this wonderful cake with friends and family. As a side note – I sent this […]

Shrimp with Vermouth and Sriracha

After reading the title, you must think I have gone crazy with this flavor fusionl.  You cannot believe this wonderful combination, vermouth is a fortified wine flavored with various botanicals typically used in many cocktails and sriracha is a spicy sauce made with red chilies and garlic typically used in Vietnamese and Thai recipes.  Combine […]

Citrus Hearts

Looking for that something special to make your valentine?  These citrus cut outs would be the perfect treat.  Trust me when I say this recipe is perfect to use with cookie cutters, easy to roll out and delicious.  For the greatest success, refrigerate the dough as noted, make sure the surface you are rolling the dough on is dusted […]